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Yoshihide Suga Set to Replace Abe as Japan’s New PM

Yoshihide Suga (71), who belongs to a farmer’s family, has been elected the new Prime Minister of Japan. So far Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga received 377 votes out of 534 in the internal vote election. He left his rivals former Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba and former Foreign Minister Phumio Kishida in the election.

With this, Suga has been elected the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) of Japan. This has paved the way for him to become the next Prime Minister of the country. Suga has been chosen as the successor to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who expressed his desire to step down due to health reasons.

Kishida, one of Suga’s rivals, received 89 votes in the internal vote election. There was a time when he was considered the successor of Abe and was also popular in the party. The second opponent, Ishiba, received only 68 votes. Ishiba is popular among the Japanese, however, he has a weak hold on members of the LDP. That is why he slipped to number three.

Given the Liberal Democratic Party’s majority in the House of Japan, it is clear that they will win the parliamentary vote on Wednesday and will hold the office of Prime Minister. Suga’s image is that of a powerful government advisor and spokesperson. Suga is considered a staunch supporter of Abe and a leader who further reinforces Abe’s policies. Abe has been the driver of efforts to bring stability to the country and Suga has been following his line.

Suga recently said that his candidature was inspired by Prime Minister Abe’s desire to continue his programs. Suga is the son of a farmer and was raised in Akita, a northern region of Japan. Suga has always been concerned about the depletion of the population in rural areas of Japan. This indicates that they can work on it after becoming PM.

However, Suga will become the PM at a time when Corona has had tremendous side effects in the country and the world and this has also severely affected the economy. Japan is considered the world’s third-largest economy, so Suga will have to work hard to maintain it.

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