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September 11 Attacks: Osama Bin Laden was Watching This Porn Star’s Video Before his Death

The biggest terrorist attack in history was executed by Osama Bin Laden, which carried out on 9/11 that shook America as well as the whole world, was fond of porn films to that extent that he used to spent many days in his house watching blue films. That dreaded terrorist had made a terrorist attack on America’s World Trade Center and Pentagon 19 years ago in which thousands of people lost their lives in that attack. The world of porn was an important part in the personal life of this mentor of terror. So let’s know who was Osama bin Laden’s favorite porn star and how he addicted he was of porn movies.

Used to Watch Porn Movies for Hours

Apart from spreading terror in the world, whenever Laden gets time, he used to spend a lot of his time watching new videos of porn. He was such a big lover of porn movies that he had a huge collection of them. It was revealed in several reports that he used to keep posters and videos of porn in his room.

Sunny Leone Was His Favourite

He was so devoted to sex, porn videos that he would enjoy his hobby bypassing many things at times. Sunny Leone, who ruled the porn world at the time, was his favorite star. He did not miss any of Sunny’s porn albums.

He was Watching Porn Before Being Killed

The madness about Laden’s porn video was such that he kept watching it till he died. It is even claimed that he was watching porn videos even when SEAL commandos arrived to kill him. He was watching porn videos of Sunny Leone before dying. In addition to these documents, Commandos received a large collection of porn films from his home in large numbers.

Used to Take Sex Power Boost Medicines

Osama did not watch only blue films but, he also used to have sex in the same position. He was completely addicted to sex. He considered himself a star and asked his wives to follow the same positions. He also uses to take power booster drugs to increase his sex power and desire.

Sex Machine

During an interview with an intelligence investigation agency, Osama bin Laden’s first wife had revealed that he was a complete sex-machine. His wife said that whenever he got the time he would have sex for hours. Even though years have passed since that terrorist incident in America, but even today, the traumatic and cruelty which has crossed the limits of all, makes the story miserable.

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