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NASA’s Hubble telescope captured Jupiter Storms

Hubble space telescope of NASA captured Jupiter Storms’ pictures on August 25, 2020. 

The planet was reported to be 406 million miles away from Earth in the picture. The picture captures a new storm (red spot) appearing again on the giant planet.

Hubble shows that the storm is rolling anti-clockwise in the southern hemisphere of Jupiter. Storms occurring in the atmosphere of Jupiter are quite common every 6 years, leading to changes in cloud color and storm speed.

As there is no land on Jupiter, the planet has longer storms as the land kills the storms. According to the researchers, the red storm measures for 9800 miles and is big enough to swallow Earth.

The spot just below the great red spot is called Red Spot Junior, spotted in 2006, and has now started becoming white again. 

On the left side of the image is Europa, Jupiter’s moon which is thought to have potential ingredients for life, according to the researchers at NASA.

The Hubble Space Telescope is a joint project of NASA and ESA (European Space Association). The telescope is managed in Greenbelt, Maryland, by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Centre.

Watch other pictures of Jupiter here.

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