Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Facebook’s New Machine Learning Software Can Translate 100 Languages

Facebook has reviled that they have developed a new machine learning software that can translate from any of 100 languages without relying on English.

Facebook has more than two billion users at different time zones and to help the massive social media network with the deliverability of content, it has created this new machine learning software.

With the help of this new AI-based software, Facebook can deliver content better in 160 languages.

“Facebook AI is introducing M2M-100, the first multilingual machine translation (MMT) model that can translate between any pair of 100 languages without relying on English data. It’s open-sourced”, said Angela Fan, Research Assistant of Facebook.

You can find the details of the tool here.

“Breaking language barriers through machine translation (MT) is one of the most important ways to bring people together, provide authoritative information on Covid-19, and keep them safe from harmful content.”, she further said.

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