Friday, October 23, 2020
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Businessman Inspired from YouTube Robbed Two Banks In Bhubaneshwar

A 25-year-old readymade clothes seller, who wanted to recover losses suffered during the lockdown, robbed two banks of ₹12 lakh in Bhubaneswar after taking lessons from YouTube videos.

The accused has been identified as Soumyaranjan Jena (25). He robbed Indian Overseas Bank and Bank of India using toy guns.

“He wanted to recoup losses suffered during the lockdown and robbed two banks of ₹12 lakh in Bhubaneswar. He looted the Indian Overseas Bank, near Infocity area on September 7, and the Bank of India’s Barimunda branch in Mancheswar area on September 28.

He got the idea of robbing banks while watching YouTube videos and used a toy gun to rob the two banks. Police recovered cash amounting to over ₹10 lakh and seized the vehicle and the toy gun used in the robbery,” said the police commissioner during a press conference.

“The accused has accounts in both the banks and had taken a loan of nearly ₹19 lakh and already paid 6 lakhs to the bank. He was arrested when he went to deposit ₹60,000 from the looted money. He assumed that if he will deposit small amounts of cash nobody will doubt him,” Police Commissioner said.

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